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Optimize multiple images at once with Optify

Faster Site Speed

Images are often the largest contributor to overall page size, which can make pages slow and expensive to load

More Conversions

According toGoogle, a one-second site speed improvement can increase mobile conversions by up to 27%

Higher SEO Ranking

As of May 2021, faster sites rank higher on Google Search


Clip to remove any background

Optify removes any background to get a transparent image. We strongly recommend converting to .WebP or .PNG after clipping, because only these formats support transparency.

Clip to remove any background - clip feature of Optify

Crop out whitespace dynamically

Optify dynamically crops the image to the nearest pixel it finds which differs from the background. This remove all the useless whitespace around the object, making the object appear larger.

Crop out whitespace dynamically - cropping feature of Optify

Compress without losing quality

Uncompressed images bloat your pages with unnecessary bytes, making your website slower. Optify uses the latest image compression algorithms to compress images without losing any visible quality. With Optify you can save up to 98% of the file size.

Compress without any quality loss - compress feature of Optify

Convert to .WebP or other file types

Optify converts images to .WebP, .PNG or .JPEG. WebP is the recommended image format by Google, because WebP provides better compression than JPEG and PNG, while preserving the same quality.

Convert to other file types like .WebP - convert feature of Optify
Batch processing

Optimize up to 100 images at once

You can upload multiple images and choose per batch of uploaded images what optimizations you want to execute. After optimizing you can download all images as a ZIP file.

Optimize multiple images at once in batches - multiple images feature of Optify

Make your website load faster today

Pick a plan that matches your needs. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. All plans include free support.

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